Let’s be part of the solution, together by using OceanPoly™ products


Metropak is proud to introduce OceanPoly™.
OceanPoly™ is one of the best solutions to the plastic waste that fills our global ocean. Collected from coastal pollution source areas, such as beaches and waterways, OceanPoly™ contains a minimum of 25% recycled plastic recovered from PET plastic bottles or HDPE plastic bottles and bags. OceanPoly™ can be used in manufacturing a variety of recyclable packaging, including plastic bags, poly mailers, and reusable RPET bags. It provides a sustainable solution to a growing problem.

Packaging made from OceanPoly™ material is printed with the OceanPoly™ logo, SCS Certification logo and QR code. Logo colors can be customized to meet design or marketing preferences. Consumers are able to scan the QR code linking them to an educational video explaining the benefits of OceanPoly™ and the value of your investment in this unique packaging material.