To Our Customers,

As our community copes with the fast moving spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus we hope you and yours are in good health during these stressful times.

Public officials have asked businesses to close down for 2 weeks until April 6th while a local quarantine begins. We will be contacting all distributors that have open orders to discuss.

When we are given the green-light to renew business operations we will update you. We thank you for your patience during this interruption and hope to see you when we re-open, happy and healthy!

Please contact us at 800-950-8089 if you have any questions and we will respond back as quickly as we can. Or email us at service@metropak.com.

We do have office staff monitoring phones and emails from home. Our response times may be delayed as a result but we are doing all we can to continue to serve our partners in bags.

Thank you for working with us through these challenging times. We pray that this shall be over soon. Stay healthy and sane!

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Introducing OceanPoly™

Let’s be part of the solution, together. Using OceanPoly™ products helps reduce ocean trash every day.

OceanPoly™ is a long-term, economically sensible, and environmentally friendly solution to the growing marine plastic problem – a problem that can only be solved through our own actions and innovation. Choosing OceanPoly™ products is making a commitment to help preserve our global ocean through empowering local populations and recycling harmful plastics before they enter our water. The plastic pollution problem is widespread and requires a partnership to create change. We all have a responsibility to act. Let's make waves together.

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What’s a RagBag™?

The endlessly useful, environmentally responsible fabric bag.

RagBags are so much more than just shopping bags. Their super-absorbent fabric makes them ideal for soaking up spills or daily cleaning around the house. They can be used as hand towels, polishing cloths, trash bags, napkins, or baby bibs. And they’re washable, which means you can reuse them over and over again.

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