AMERICAN Made Since 1976

Metropak is celebrating its 40th year in business. The company was founded in 1976 and has operated since day one with one simple mission: To be your preferred bag manufacturer. This principle is very simple and effective. For 40 years, Metropak has built its business primarily thru word of mouth and referrals, building its business one loyal distributor at a time. The company’s success directly stems from the tradition of family & friendship that exists between Eric Grossman & Edward Hanson.

Eric and Edward began their friendship in elementary school. Eric pursued a career in hotel and restaurant management while Edward began a successful career in luxury sales. Eric joined Metropak in 1989 and knew he needed a partner with a knack for sales and customer service. Edward was the right fit, and joined the company in 1991. They saw the potential for sales growth of their printed packaging offerings within the promotional products sector and have never looked back.

The two friends are now owners of the company and operate Metropak as a team. Together they have established the company as an international supplier. Once a local manufacturer, Metropak now ships globally and manufactures in the US, Mexico and China. The combination of Eric’s operations and systems expertise along with Edward’s talents in sales and service has created a very dynamic company. Their relationship as business partners, hunting buddies and family friends is an integral part of the Metropak employee culture. They work diligently to instill that same family atmosphere with the Metropak team. The company frequently puts on large company cookouts and outings for all of its employees to promote true team spirit. Cody, the yellow lab shown below is at the office every day to entertain and bring a relaxed atmosphere to both employees and visitors. This dedication has earned Metropak many awards over the years. The company has been recognized for its innovation, customer service, product quality and as one of the industry’s best work places. The company continues to maintain its A+ and 5-Star ratings with Sage and ASI.

“We really love what we do, and we care a great deal for our employees and our customers. We believe this attitude is evident thru our entire organization. We look forward to our 40th year and the opportunity to continue to serve you. Let us show you the Metropak difference.”

Thank You!
Eric & Edward